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I would love to make this for my nieces grave
The mom and daughter got killed in a car wreck at the same time. My nephew lost his wife and only child. She was just 4 years old his wife 31. He goes to work and when he comes home no family. Could you please send me directions please.

I am so deeply sorry for your loss, what a tragedy.

This succulent arrangement is created because the terra-cotta container is heart shaped. Maybe you could find one (This one is from Rogers Garden in Corona del Mar, California) and then submerge it in the soil of the grave site so it stays in place. Pick the same type of succulent for the parameter of the heart so it looks uniform, then fill in with other attractive succulents of your choice. Make sure to fill the container with cactus soil. Best of luck. Let me know how I can help further with the process.

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