Holiday Hostess Giveaway!

holiday hostessA good starting point for holiday hosting is to feel cute and confident before you even open that front door. I’m thrilled to be partnering again with our friends at the Cos Bar on this Holiday Hostess Giveaway (valued at over $600!) — It’s packed with gorgeous goodies to help you feel beautiful throughout the holiday season.

black friday giveaway

Included in this package of pretty:

Nest Holiday Scented Candle (value $34):This is a sparkling scent for the season: this beautiful candle is fragranced with pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.

holiday hostess

Orlane Serum Anti-Fatigue Absolu (value $220): Sadly, the holiday season is also ass dragging tired season. This magic serum, dabbed on morning and night will keep you looking like a fresh-faced elf.

Orlane Anagenese 25+ (value $100): This is a little miracle worker to keep you bright-eyed through the whirlwind of parties, errands and travel. A drop of this in your foundation gives it staying power and radiance. It’s also amazing to dab on when stepping off a plane for instant hydrating glow.

holiday hostess

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow (value $45): Find your holiday sparkle with a dusting of this golden highlighter — it basically gives you good lighting even if you are standing in line at Target or Vons.

Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette (value $49):This is a favorite of mine from the BB holiday collection, this eye palette takes you from day to night in shades of gold and bronze.

holiday hostess

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge Lip Color (value $50): Consider your stocking stuffed. The classic, sexy red will make for a line under the mistletoe. Tom Ford does it right with a creamy, hydrating formula that makes the perfect lip mark on that champagne glass.

Tom Ford Smoke Red Nail Lacquer (value $32): After years of nude nails, I’ve been embracing the change up to bright red; it instantly makes me feel more metropolitan over mommy. This incredible gel based formula gives you long lasting color without the hassle of a full gel manicure.

Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara (value $32): With ecstasy in the name you can expect intense results with this one. This blackest black mascara knows how to deliver the goods — length, volume and fullness in one swipe…what more does a girl need?

holiday hostess

The Entertain Apron by Valerie Rice (value $39): I’m also including the new style of my flirty Entertain Apron. With fringe detailing and longer sash it makes every hostess feel pulled together and ready for a fun night.

cocktail apron

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below answering the following question:

What is your most favorite thing to cook or bake for the holidays?

Please don’t over think your answer; the winner will be selected totally at random. A huge thank you to Cos Bar for this amazing prize package!We will accept entries through midnight, Thursday, December 4th, announcing the winner on Friday morning.

So tell me, What is the holiday favorite from your kitchen?



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79 thoughts on “Holiday Hostess Giveaway!”

I love making a Beef Tenderloin with Yorkshire Pudding, It always will impress your Guest and not that hard to make!

I love making A Beef Tenderloin With Yorkshire Pudding, It will impress your Guest and It”s not that hard to make!

My recent favorite (in the past two years) has been your recipe for sea salt dark chocolate almond clusters — wrapped up in a festive box or bowl, they have been my holiday hostess gift and everyone raves about them! Before that, when we lived in California, I made Meyer lemon marmalade and fig chutney as my holiday gifts. I grew up with a mother who marked the beginning of the holiday season with a day spent making fruit cakes…but does anyone EAT fruitcake anymore??? :-)

My family loves shrimp! I marinate peeled raw wild-caught jumbo shrimp overnight in fresh lime juice, lime zest, crushed garlic, grated ginger, and olive oil. On Christmas Day we skewer them and grill for just a few minutes until they turn pink. If there are ever any leftovers, they are perfect with soba noodles, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and pea pods with a lime/peanut butter sauce for a quick dinner.

I love having the time over the holidays to make big yummy breakfasts for my family. Slow moving mornings are always a luxury from the quick cereal bowl of crazy school mornings!

Anything as long as I can prepare it in one of your beautiful aprons.. I felt so pretty yesterday cooking in it… Par

Red Beans and Rice on Xmas Eve followed by Seafood Gumbo on Xmas Day….this tradition is passed down from my mother-in-law who was from New Orleans…both can be made ahead and will feed a crowd !!!

Valerie, I so enjoy your photos, recipes (the roasted green beans!!) … during the holidays I enjoy a new recipe or two but especially enjoy making dishes my mother or grandmother made, like Grandma’s custard! Or the best-ever pumpkin bread that is my friend Karen’s recipe. Those flavors fill our table with delicious memories!

Happy Holidays!

Wow! I think I’ll try some of the recipes mentioned above!

My own menu varies, depending on the number of guests. At times it has been duck breasts and legs; or a wonderful grilled or baked fish; or a meatless meal — like last night, which included: delicious chestnut and celery root soup; my grandmother’s recipe for home-made ravioli with a fresh tomato sauce; a lovely frisée salad; and smooth-going-down pumpkin pie, with a flourish of dark chocolate.

Happy Holidays to all; peace and compassion on earth; and RAIN in Santa Barbara!

I always love making sweets. Plates of pecan tarts, sea salt dusted caramels, fudge and glittering sugar cookies!

Watching my husband prepare the meals. The love and joy he puts into cooking is wonderful to watch and then of course the best part…savoring it all.

My son and I make an apple pie together. The recipe is from a book he received as a young boy called “How to make apple pie and see the world”. It’s a cute story about sourcing the ingredients from around the world with the recipe at the end. He’s 19 now and we made one yesterday for Thanksgiving. Always a hit!

Baking my mom’s potica – a Slovenian nut roll filled with ground walnuts, frothy egg whites, honey, cinnamon and brandy – is a tradition I enjoy upholding. The feel of the dough, the smell of the walnut filling simmering, and the taste of the finished product warm from the oven, sprinkled with powdered sugar – take me back to holidays past. Sometimes an unwilling helper but always a grateful recipient of the finished product!

We always cook a Swedish Christmas ham. We have to go to Los Angeles to pick up the raw ham, but it’s worth it.

Making cookies from the EKCO cookie press that I watched my mom use when I was a child, still using the sugar cookie recipe that came with the set.

The Brandi Slush recipe my old college roommate gave me. I love tho make and give to hostesses and friends as a little “happy” for the holidays .

I love to bake banana nut bread. Every year I make so much & gift it to friends, teachers and also ship some to the soldiers who are deployed in Iraq. Happy Holidays to all!

I enjoy making tamales for the holidays. It’s a bonding moment with family and friends. Preping for tamales is a full day in the kitchen with laughs, stories and a happy tummy. I love this tradition and love foward to it every year.

When I think of the holidays, I think of making Christmas kiffels like my grandmother used to make. She always put apricot filling in the middle, and that is still my favorite filling for the kiffels.

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