Non-Alcoholic Drinks

healthy snack

Healthy Snack Ideas

Full disclosure— I’m always hungry and I love to eat. Here are the snacks I’ve been munching on to keep me satisfied.

tea bags and loose tea

Tea Time

My tea drawer selection ranges from the ordinary to extraordinary. Full disclosure: we reach for the ordinary way more than the extraordinary.


Hot Chocolate Sticks

These little sticks were a big hit at my daughter’s birthday party last weekend. You take these little sticks of chocolate and stir them into of mugs of warm milk to make hot chocolate.


Apple Cider Press Party

Last weekend I was transported to my ranch-life fantasy at the annual apple cider-making party at Rancho San Julian in the Santa Ynez Valley. It was a wonderful tableau of a life connected to the land, with a total mix of the community—from nuns to cowboys to a fab French woman in full finery—coming together […]

Caffeine Free Chai

This tea was super simple, fresh, and beat the pants off of any chai I’d ever had.


Green Juice

The thing is, I really don’t like to stress out about what’s “good food” or “bad food.”

Fresh Friday: Three Things to Kick off July

Feeling fresh with a superb hangover remedy after an evening of celebration. Coconut water spiked with the juice of half a lime replenishes those lost electrolytes, tastes great, and is a whole lot better for you than a pop.