Non-Alcoholic Drinks

lemon verbena ice tea

Valerie’s Friday Favorite: Lemon Verbena Iced Tea

The other day when I was looking through the EDG archives, I realized there were quite a few things that newer readers might have missed. So starting today, on Fridays, I’d like to share my favorite seasonal posts.

milk brother

Tuesday Tool: Milk Frother

In the kitchen, I’m currently accessorizing (Espressorizing?) my Nespresso Espresso Machine (say that 10 times fast) with this Aeroccino Frother. Basically, it’s an electric “kettle” that is designed to foam and froth milk. I literally just pour in the milk, push a button, walk away, and less than 2 minutes later I come back to the easiest-made, most perfect foam.

Tuesday Tool: Insulated Glasses

Have you tried your favorite drink in an insulated glass yet? This super versatile item does an excellent job at keeping things both hot and cold.

Tools for Tuesday: The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I like my morning coffee, and I like it black. I drift off to dreamland with a smile because I can look forward to waking up with my hot, rich, strong…cup of coffee (What were you thinking?). It is truly a morning ritual: Cradle both hands around the warm cup, pause to inhale the aromatic steam, then sip.

lemon verbena ice tea

Lemon Verbena Iced Tea

Recently, my newly planted lemon verbena plants were “flourishing” almost too much. There were stalks shooting out in every direction, and the whole thing looked a bit unruly. So, I decided give my plants a little trim (no blow-out needed). I simply snipped the stalks at exactly the same height throughout each plant, leaving me with a bundle of lemon verbena leaves that smelled so delicious,

tea from your garden

Peppermint Lemongrass Tea

In the morning, peppermint tea is great when I want something hot to drink post caffeine buzz (I have a strict two espresso limit in the morning, anything more makes me jittery and a little wacky). Recently, I have been cutting pieces of lemongrass from the garden and stick it in with the mint. This combo is zippy and minty, a great alternative to more caffeine. After the morning jolt of caffeine that gets me going, this tea brings a nice little zen vibe.