spiced nuts

Spiced Nuts

Spiced nuts are so easy to make and add awesome flavor and texture—they’re an instant upgrade for your salads, soups and cocktail hour.


Tip: Storing Pumpkins

Whether it’s the grocery store or garden that’s suckering you into autumn early, I’ve gathered some tips for making those pumpkins last.

freezer nuggets

Freezer Cookie Nuggets (Raw/Gluten-Free)

When came to me asking what I like to do with all those ripe bananas, my first thought was the obvious—make my favorite banana bread. However, this was a challenge to go beyond the basics and these frozen cookie nuggets took the prize in my kitchen.

dried peaches

Tuesday Tool: The King of Dehydrators

Well, two peach trees, three apple trees and loads of berry bushes exploding with fruit compelled me to blow the dust off and give this fancy dehydrator a chance.

coconut and papaya

Papaya with Toasted Coconut & Lime

When it’s hot, I get a hankering for tropical fruit and this simple papaya dish makes into my breakfast, lunch of even dessert rotation.

appetizer cracker

Fava Bean Mash

Fava beans, or runner beans, are known for their sweet taste (and yes, also for being a favorite of Hannibal Lector).

loquat tree santa barbara

Loquat Bellini

Many people just see loquat trees as ornamental and miss out on the tasty fruit!