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Beautiful Succulents

Photos by Valerie

beautiful succulents

We have a wide variety of succulents in our yard.  I love succulents for so many reasons — they are drought tolerant, grow and propagate like crazy, are super forgiving, and bring an unmatched sculptural beauty to your garden. What a giver!

In my garden they grow along pathways…


…tucked into rock walls…


…and a mosaic of succulents now covers this area that was once bare.


Because of the resilience of succulents, they make for amazing additions to cut flower arrangements or table decor.  They can live without water for some time. After they’re pulled out of floral arrangements, succulents will still live with gusto if you stick them back into damp soil.

Succulent table setting

I created this centerpiece for a friends birthday dinner.


floral arrangment

Succulents mixed with store bought roses.

I tuck them into bouquets constantly — they look beautiful and have a wonderful “Santa Barbara” feel.  One of the sad things about giving a bouquet of flowers to a friend is that ultimately the arrangement dies.  However, if you add a few succulents to the mix your friend can easily pick them out of the arrangement and plant them into a small pot or their garden and the gift lives on.

Can you find them in this arrangement?

succulent posy

A little bouquet for my piano recital girl.

From my garden to yours…