Peppermint Lemongrass Tea

tea from your garden

Peppermint grows wild in many gardens, including mine.  Thankfully, I enjoy finding ways to use it in my cooking.  My favorite use for these beautiful dark emerald leaves is to make tea.  I often just pour boiling water over a hand full of leaves and sip away at the end of the day. The mildness and calming effect of the peppermint makes me sleepy and ready for bed.

In the morning, peppermint tea is great when I want something hot to drink post caffeine buzz (I have a strict two espresso limit in the morning, anything more makes me jittery and a little wacky). Recently, I have been cutting pieces of lemongrass from the garden and stick it in with the mint. This combo is zippy and minty, a great alternative to more caffeine. After the morning jolt of caffeine that gets me going, this tea brings a nice little zen vibe.

Peppermint Lemongrass Tea

1 large handful peppermint

½ stalk of lemon grass

Boiling water


Gently wash the peppermint and remove tough stems. Peel one layer of lemon grass off the stalk and chop in one-inch pieces and put in a teapot with the mint. I cut the lemongrass on a diagonal plane (or bias cut) on both ends to release more of the lemongrass flavor. Pour boiling water over the leaves and grass and let steep for 5 minutes. Strain, pour and enjoy!

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