Preparing Mangoes

My kids love mango. With its vibrant color and juicy, tropical sweetness, I can see why it is such a favorite with my girls. Mango does not grow in Santa Barbara, but thankfully they are currently flourishing in Mexico.

One difficult thing about the mango is cutting it without hacking the fruit and your fingers! Here is a little video to help you through the process, although it seemingly looks difficult, my friends mastered it in no time. After you learn how to cut around the pit, you can do a multitude of things with the fruit. For one, you will end up with two oval shaped pieces. Use a paring knife; cut a grid into the halves, careful not poke the knife through the skin. Then push the flesh up with your fingers on the skin side and you will have a “hedge hog” looking piece of mango that is ready to be enjoyed. Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Editing and Motion Graphics by Matt Walla.

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