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One thought on “Valerie Rice Talks Family Business and Fresh Foods”

I just discovered your site. I grew up in California, but have lived in Wisconsin for 25 years. Santa Barbara is my favorite place, we used to go there once a year, doing the wine stuff, shopping and enjoying the ocean. Sadly, we can’t do that anymore, but I love to see your photos and what is growing there. Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate all the fruit trees and growing season in Calif., but love to go there in winter. I try to grow everything I can in my short season, I mean everything. Freezers are full, and lots of flower gardens. So I love to see what you are doing. Right now in the dead of winter, I am watching my amaryllis’ starting to bloom in the house and planning my gardens for the spring, can’t wait! Thanks again for my little view of my favorite place.

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