Arugula Pesto

Three weeks ago, we had the most delicious, amazing arugula planted from seed in beautiful rows in my garden. The arugula was wonderful; we ate it religiously…that is, until we went on a trip. Now this week, I have spicy as hell, bitter arugula that has been in the ground too long. Life gives you bitter arugula? Make pesto! It was the perfect project to give my new (and oh, so pretty) Vitamix a whirl. The end result had me licking my fingers, as I scraped every last drop out of the blender. Any blender or food processor will work (you don’t need a Vitamix), but I have to say, with the caveat of food gadget maven, it did make it creamy and delicious pesto.

Arugula Pesto

4 cups packed arugula

1 cup Parmesan cheese; cut in cubes

Zest and juice of one Meyer Lemon

Two cloves of garlic

½ cup olive oil



Put all the ingredients in the food processor or blender. Taste to adjust seasoning. Use as a dip for fresh veggies and it is great for pasta, too.

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