Tuesday Tool I Can’t Live Without: Salt Cellar

I have had this super cool salt cellar for years, and I absolutely adore both its form and its function. I bought my first one at our local cheese shop, C’est Cheese, and had not been able to find another on on the market for quite some time. I recently learned from my best friend, Google, that Amazon is now carrying it and it’s a Paula Deen product – Who knew?! I once sampled a sweet potato pie that Paula had sent to a friend of mine and honestly, it was heaven on a fork. Miss Paula is A-OK in my book!

Back to salt—I love this cellar because it not only keeps salt neat and tidy but it possesses a very SB style – rustic elegance, plus the two sides are extremely useful for my cooking needs. I keep finishing salt on one side (my current favorite is Murray River) and Kosher salt (Diamond Crystal) on the other. Bonus—everything is conveniently stored under a swivel top so I can’t lose my lid. I use this salt cellar practically every time I cook.

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