Tuesday Tool: Milk Frother

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” –Steel Magnolias

In the kitchen, I’m currently accessorizing (espressorizing?) my Nespresso Espresso Machine (say that 10 times fast) with this Aeroccino Frother. Basically, it’s an electric “kettle” that is designed to foam and froth milk. I literally just pour in the milk, push a button, walk away, and less than 2 minutes later I come back to the easiest-made, most perfect foam.

I use this little gadget to make hot chocolate for my girls (yes, they are spoiled!) and for refreshing, afternoon cappuccinos. In Italy, it’s not proper to drink a cappuccino after 11 a.m., but in my house, I like to have one around 3 p.m. for a little pick-me-up. This milk frother does its job beautifully (and did I mention it’s quick and easy?). What more could you want?

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One thought on “Tuesday Tool: Milk Frother”

This is the BEST machine! It also works beautifully using Almond Milk (because I don’t drink dairy). YUMMY!

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