Tuesday Tool: Silicone Brush

For anyone who likes to bake, roast, or barbecue, a silicone brush is a lifesaver.  I used to get so grossed out by all the hairs that would fall off my traditional basting-brush, that eventually, I ditched it all together and would just use a spoon for glazes and washes.

Enter, the silicone brush. This tool eliminates all the nasty little hairs, is easy to clean, and lasts a lot longer than a hair-bristle brush. I actually have two: One from Mario Batali with thicker bristles, and another, finer bristled one from Williams Sonoma.

This is one tool where the brand isn’t super important. You can pretty much find a decent silicone brush at any store that sells kitchen supplies (Sur la Table, Macy’s, Amazon), and if you don’t have one already, I would highly recommend picking one up.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tool: Silicone Brush”

Thank you for this! You have made my life so much easier (and funner too) in with your kitchen tool recommendations. I love, love the angled measuring cup, and have tried most of your recipes (Meyer lemon dressing and Salty Dog my faves). I look forward to reading your blog!

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