Green Trick Dianthus

There are so many reasons to love Green Trick Dianthus. While the name is less than desirable (I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds more like a rare sickness than a flower), it is actually a member of the carnation family, and quite adorable. I have been plugging it into a ton of arrangements lately.

Dianthus’s soft, low profile makes it the perfect, unexpected filler to showcase the beauty of more showy blossoms, but it also has a modern, sculptural feel simply in a vase on its own.

I did these arrangements for my friend Sara’s wedding.  Photos by Anika London

Flowers for my husband’s parents’ 50th anniversary party

This gorgeous emerald flower also lasts for weeks, which means I get to spend time doing other things besides tending to high-maintenance flower arrangements.  I’ve found that it goes especially well in these new containers I got on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

With ranunculus from my garden

You can order Green Trick Dianthus online at

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One thought on “Green Trick Dianthus”

Love your ides=as and photos. I found some green dianthus at Lowes and as I am a really good gardener I thought I would grow some to have in my daughter’s wedding end of May.
Forwarding her your website so she can see your ideas which coicide with mine!
Thanks for posting.

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