Tuesday Tool: Cheese Grater

While a good cheese grater isn’t too difficult to track down, I really love this one from Sur la table (a.k.a Mr. Table…long story) called the Grate and Store Set. The attached bowl measures while you grate and makes clean up super easy.

The top of the bowl has 4 interchangeable lids, each with a different grating size and texture, it also comes with a solid lid for storage. How awesome is that? After you have grated your item (whether it’s cheese, veggies, or bread) you can simply pop the lid on the bowl and put it in the fridge. My favorite top is perfect for getting crumbly Parmesan for pasta, but I also use another one to make fresh breadcrumbs. Trust me, homemade breadcrumbs are so much better than store bought and this tool makes them super easy. There are so many recipes that use this tool. It’s perfect for all the grated cheese in Cacio e Pepe.


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