Cinco de Mayo

Photo by Matt Walla

This gorgeous, sunny weather reminds me that Cinco de Mayo is coming up, and here in California, we like to pull out all the stops (which isn’t surprising considering the holiday was actually started here. Long story –God bless Wikipedia). Because the Mexican culture is such a huge part of our Santa Barbara community, I don’t even consider “Mexican Food” to be international cuisine. I feel like it’s just our…food. With that in mind, here is a list of Cinco de Mayo fare along with my favorite complementary drinks. In my mind, nothing goes better with spicy, fresh delicious food than good Tequila, cold beer, and crisp Champagne (try it. I promise it’s a match made in heaven!). Somehow I doubt I will be waking up so fresh-faced and chipper on Friday morning, no matter how fabulous the weather turns out to be. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

A Cinco de Mayo party I threw last year at the Casa del Herrero. Photo by Matt Walla

Cinco de Mayo Recipes:

Rajas: Roasted Poblanos with Onion and Cheese


Rica’s Pozoles


Rica’s Tortilla Soup


Cinco de Mayo Drinks:



Victoria Beer

Rare Wine Company Champagne


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