Cooking Class with Chef Mollie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have the amazing Chef Mollie of Trattoria Mollie come do a cooking class in my home kitchen. I have a very special place in my heart for Mollie. She has been our family’s good friend for a long time, and recently she was my travel companion to Rome.

You might know her best for her famous meatballs, but frankly, all of Mollie’s food is exceptional. She has a particular gift for coaxing the deliciousness from fish and vegetables without losing their natural flavor. You would think that our little coastal town would be packed with great seafood, but I’m telling you, some of our best fish comes from Trattoria Mollie. Of course, her Bolognese is a knockout too (can you tell I’m a total fan?).

We had a so much fun at our cooking class. Mollie is beautiful, bubbly, feisty, fun, and funny. As you can see in the video, I was having a blast the entire time! I will say, though, that one of the things that makes authentic Italian cooking so great is that there aren’t a lot of exact measurements. This makes posting a recipe a little tricky, but I’m working on it. Be sure to check back over the next few weeks for Mollie’s fantastic recipes. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek video of our class. Salute!

Video by Erin Feinblatt

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Class with Chef Mollie”

I am so hungry after watching.
Randy and I just returned from Ojai where we
had dinner with the group Outstanding in the Field….
We definitely need one here in SB …Mollie could do the cooking

Val Thanks for sharing!
Very Fun!
Looking forward to the Recipes.
I Love Veggies!
Plates were Beautiful! Fresh!

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