Pick Your Own Blueberries

“One berry two berry pick me a blueberry!” –Jamberry

Last weekend, with our dog Penny in tow, my daughters and I decided to escape the fog and head over to Santa Barbara Blueberries at Restoration Oaks Ranch to pick our own blueberries!  We had so much fun roaming around the fields picking delicious fruit and exploring the ranch.  Here are some of the photos from our trip:

The Stand

The ranch has 22 acres of pesticide-free blueberry bushes. It’s truly spectacular and filled with tons of easy to pick, super tasty fruit.

So, we weren’t exactly dressed for working in the fields…but the girls still had a great time reciting pages from Blueberries for Sal while they picked.

Blueberries for Sal

Even Penny Dog got involved, though we did feel bad for her with her thick fur coat in the Santa Ynez heat.

After we were done picking berries, we took some time to explore the the ranch. They have a sweet family of pigs with baby piglets that are so darn cute!

Our haul: Three buckets of blueberry goodness.

Now what to do with all this fruit….


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Many commercially sold species with English common names including “blueberry” are currently classified in section Cyanococcus of the genus Vaccinium and come predominantly from North America. Many North American native species of blueberries are now also commercially grown in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia, New Zealand and South American countries.;

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