Tuesday Tool: Vitamix!

Here she was all shiny and new..aahhh

I HEART MY VITAMIX! There. I said it! Honestly, I’ve wanted to feature the Vitamix as a Tuesday Tool for a long time (because I don’t know if you’ve noticed I use it for EVERYTHING), but hesitated because it is just so darn expensive. That said, I probably use this thing every single day. It makes soups creamier, sauces smoother, and pestos lusher. When I make smoothies, the girls think they’re as tasty as at as the local smoothie shop. Basically, if you’re an occasional home cook, this blender might be overkill. But if you’re serious about good food, and cook as often as I do, this tool is so so so so worth every penny.

Enough talk. Here are some recent recipes that have featured the Vitamix in action:

The Berber Omelet

Arugula Pesto

Green Juice

Asparagus Soup

Green Pasta

Mollie’s Beet Pasta

Lentil Soup

Green Goddess Dressing

Flageolet Puree

Pea Soup with Savory Jalapeno Oil

Chicken Liver Crostini

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