Tuesday Tool: Flat Whisk

Whisks. I have fat ones, skinny ones, teeny-tiny ones, and big-daddy copper handled ones, but the one I reach for most is this Flat Whisk.  At just over 9 inches long (really…I measured), it’s all metal and incredibly sturdy. I use it practically every day for something: pancakes, eggs, salad dressings, marinades, all sorts of baked goods…you name it.  It does a great job emulsifying, aerating, and thoroughly incorporating my ingredients. What makes my flat whisk especially notable though is that when mixing thicker batters, the ingredients don’t get clogged in the wires.   This seemingly simple tool is a big time saver and easier to clean than the ordinary variety – have I mentioned lately how much I loathe doing the dishes?

I found mine at Williams Sonoma, it’s only $12.


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