Roses in the Morning

 Which is loveliest in a rose?

Its coy beauty when it’s budding, or its splendor when it blows?

-George Barlow


I love taking outdoor images while the sun is still rising.  I’m not typically a morning person,  so when I  wake up unexpectedly early, as I did yesterday–and it’s not because one of the munchkins needs mommy–I grab my camera and head to the garden for more than just digging. While I’m not a professional photographer, I certainly enjoy capturing my garden roses sprinkled with dew from bud to bust, awash in this ultra-magical light.


Bourbon rose





{henry fonda}


{no clue}


{pink traviata}


{dark lady}


garden rose

{classic woman}


As I snapped my last photo, my youngest daughter, barefoot in her nightgown, found me in the rose garden. As I peeked over my lens to smile at my girl in the midst of all this beauty, she proceeded to throw up all over the lawn.  How’s that for Santa Barbara glamour?

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2 thoughts on “Roses in the Morning”

Enjoyed seeing these delicate, beautiful images Val
Without getting up that early, Thanks,
Hope little barefoot Contessa feels better!

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