Lovely Little Lanterns


There always seems to be a wild tomatillo volunteer that pops up in my garden. Tomatillos grow like weeds and commandeer an impolite amount of garden space, but I love their leggy look and striking lanterns, and hey, what do you know—their taste as well. The wild varieties of the tomatillo are by far more flavorful than the smaller ones you’ll find in the market and they’re laced with aubergine trim—gorgeous.

This year I found three tomatillo volunteers growing rampant in my garden, so I started to use them for more than cooking and making salsa. Tomatillo salsa, by the way, is amazing, but so are the tomatillo plants in my flower arrangements—I love it when you get multiple uses from a simple garden vegetable (Check back here on Tuesday for my roasted green salsa recipe).

Tomatillos work simply with some David Austin roses …


 and conjure up a spooky feel on my Halloween buffet.



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