Garden Surprise: Peach Blossoms

blue and pink

On Saturday morning, my eight-year old daughter came running into the kitchen and exclaimed, “Mom, you need to come outside right now! There is something magical I have to show you, it’s magical.” Without hesitation I set down the spatula and curiously followed her out to the backyard. She gleefully led to me our peach trees bursting in full blossom. Magic.

spring garden

spring in the garden

spring garden

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One thought on “Garden Surprise: Peach Blossoms”

What beautiful pictures you take! I know this time of year in California is like our spring in Wisconsin. I am anxiously awaiting the time when my fruit trees bloom, sadly, it won’t be until April or May. We satisfy our cabin fever with watching the birds and flowers in the house. I planted lettuce seeds in pots, they sprouted right away, so hopefully will eat lettuce soon.

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