Banana Toast

breakfast bananas

Banana toast is our newest addition to the easy breezy breakfast rotation. In the mornings, I try to feed my girls something filling, satisfying, healthy and quick. Actually, this is something that my mom used to make for me when I was little. It’s pretty special to sit down to breakfast with my girls remembering those same moments with my own mom (and people wonder why we have such emotional connections with food?).

This banana toast is pure comfort food that satisfies on so many levels. Whether you serve it up in the morning or as an after school snack, it’s a crowd pleaser.  It’s what a snack should be: quick and simple, but also seems to feel like a little bit of love on a plate. This also is a great soother for a tummy ache.

I prefer to use a loaf of rustic whole wheat bread and make slices about 1” thick (this is a great way to use up leftover bread). This also makes good use of bananas, which we always seem to have on the counter.

breakfast banana

Banana Toast

Whole wheat bread, sliced and toasted

Smear of butter

Sprinkle of sea salt (which may seem weird, but trust me on this one)

Sliced ripe banana


Toast the bread, butter it, sprinkle with salt and top with banana slices.


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