orange clivia

Clivia are in bloom all over town, including my backyard.  It’s pronounced like Clive Davis and yes, sounds like something you don’t want to catch. This winter blooming, evergreen plant looks similar to an amaryllis.  Clivia add a nice punch of color, making for beautiful borders. Best of all, they’re super low maintenance and don’t need a lot of water.

When I added them to my garden years ago, I specifically ordered the yellow varietal. Yellow clivias are a bit more expensive and rare (total surprise that those would be the ones I like, right?), but that bright yellow is so wonderful.  Well, here are my high-priced, specialty “yellow” clivia now… maybe it has something to do with the soil, but my nifty yellow ones are orange — still, they’re pretty and make me smile.

orange clivia bouquet

Personally, these blooms hold a sense of nostalgia because they’re scattered all through Lotusland. If they were good enough for Ganna Walska, then they are good enough for me! I’m not sure why more people don’t see them as bouquet fodder, because they make really beautiful, lasting and easy bouquets.

clivia bouquet making

entry bouquet

I like to place a bouquet in my entry that gives a sneak peek to what's blooming in the backyard.

snail buddy in garden
This guy likes clivia, too.

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One thought on “Clivia”

I really like these, but never bothered to investigate their name. I grew up in Temple City, (San Gabriel Valley, SoCal) and would always see them in shade gardens, especially some of the incredible Camelia Tree areas of Descanso Gardens in LaCanada/Flintridge, however, by the time I usually visit Descanso on Mother’s Day, there’s only a scattered late bloom here and there!..Anyway, i did know that they were long-lasting when cut, but is there any way to get their stems to grow longer…or is that just a product of how much sun they receive and/or how old and established the bush is?

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