Hotels downtown

Exterior of the downtown Hilton Checkers Los Angeles

Whenever business or appointments take me down to Los Angeles it’s usually on the west side. Since I’m always zipping around trying to get home before rush hour and downtown is quite the trek from life on the west side— I’m rarely ever in that part of town.

I had the chance to experience downtown Los Angeles during the design conference I attended this week. I was surprised by how much I loved the area.

Downtown Los Angeles

This is in the ballroom at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, where the conference was held

It was wonderful to be surrounded by old world buildings (old by California standards, anyway), interesting people, great restaurants and a serene mood that I don’t normally associate with Los Angeles, or most major cities for that matter.

I wasn’t planning of finding so much inspiration in this financial, buttoned-up hub.

Downtown Los Angeles restaurant

Bottega Louie was an inspiration for all the senses

These portobello French fries were at practically every table, so we felt obligated to order a batch

bottega louie

Asparagus and soft boiled eggs

cookies and espresso

the closer...

I came home inspired by the beauty, tastes and people ready to whip up a batch of my macaroons.


Among other mouthwatering treats…

downtown la bakery

downtown bakery

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