Harry Potter Birthday Party

harry potter birthday party

We backed this sign in black construction paper for a more pronounced effect on the door.

My mainstays are eat, drink, garden and entertaining. However, in the past year there has been an addition to this list— Mr. Harry Potter. Harry, his friends and enemies from the Hogwarts School of Wizardry have besieged our life in Santa Barbara.

Harry and his crew are discussed daily at the dinner table, spied soaring around the garden, are constantly quoted in faux British accents on the way to school or violin practice. When the girls’ birthday season came around it was no surprise what the party theme would be…

This is a 2×4 we retrofitted with test tubes and “pumpkin juice” (orange Gatorade and sparkling water). We found the cute straws (they have polka dots too) online at Sweets and Treats Boutique.

harry potter birthday party

Two prerequisites for any HP party–the sorting hat and an unyielding supply of dry ice.

Harry Potter Party

This potion didn’t produce the exploding magic we had hoped for, but the kids loved mixing everything up in mason jars.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Screaming mandrakes—the kids wore ear muffs while planting to protect their ears.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

harry potter birthday party

The beautiful photos are courtesy of the talented Evan Janke.

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