Tuesday Tool: Veggie Scrub Brush

If you have a garden or are an avid farmers market shopper, I highly recommend purchasing a designated vegetable scrub brush. I like to mark mine with a Sharpie so it doesn’t get used to wash pots and pans. A little scrub brush is a total time saver.

With a good scrubbing of your veggies, like carrots, beets,potatoes and parsnips, you can remove all the dirt and you won’t even need to peel them. This is perfect for getting rid of that stubborn dirt that lives on the bottom of celery stalks. In the fall, I even use it to scrub pumpkins clean. It’s less work for you and the vegetables maintain their natural look.

I prefer a scrub brush with a handle, here are a few models that would do the job well.


Scrub those veggies

Power scrub: You can scrub out your stress on those potatoes.

veggie scrub brush ring

The ring brush: Scrubbing veggies meets Harry Winston.

peel and scrub brush

Double duty: For those times when you just have to peel.


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