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Today, I’m off to New York! After last week’s Lemon Bomb cocktail using Meyer Lemon Sorbet, I’ve been fielding questions about my ice cream maker. Sometimes, the motivation needed is the promise of a great cocktail to branch out with a new tool in the kitchen.

best ice cream maker

I’m absolutely smitten with this ice cream maker from Cuisinart. It’s the biggest one on the market (2 quarts)- which means you can double your batch. The best part, it whirls your ingredients into blissful cold confections in just 25 minutes. One thing to note, while it’s churning away it is rather noisy, so it’s best to put this baby in a corner.

It’s been put to the test for sorbet, ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt—all of which have turned out smooth and creamy. I make sure to always store my machine insert in the freezer, that way it’s cold and ready to go when inspiration or a major craving hits.

If you have a garden, fruit trees or a stocked farmers market, it’s great to have the ability to churn fresh produce into something special. Any fruit that’s a little bruised or in abundance I throw into the Casa Rice frozen yogurt flavor of the week. You can even just puree your fruit with Greek yogurt and give it a whirl.

cuisinart ice cream maker

OK, I’m so ready for summer!

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3 thoughts on “Tools & Tips: Ice Cream Maker”

Hi Valerie,always enjoy your very useful Tips.This time around loved your icecream maker.I would love to know where i could purchase one and i would appreciate your favourite ice cream making recipe.

Hi Anna,
If you click on the link in the post that says “Cuisinart” it will bring you directly to the product at William Sonoma. Additionally, you can find it at Amazon here… One of my very favorite ice creams is this buttermilk ice cream. It’s rich and delicious with amazing flavor. Additionally, I have yet to see buttermilk ice cream in the stores so it’s a rare treat to share with friends and family.

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