Glorious Summer Day

pool reflection

I received a reminder e-mail this morning that this is the last day of the One King’s Lane Pinterest challenge to create a board inspired by your most glorious summer day. Since I live for summer and thrive on doing things last-minute, I had to create a board. So, I’ve now just spent all morning ignoring my to do list and scrolling through my photos grabbing my favorite summer shots.

Summer, ahh….I adore the smell of coconut sunblock, the feeling of the sun warming my back, the taste of garden-fresh stone fruit and tomatoes, the splash of cannon balls from the pool and the sound of regagge blasting while firing up the grill. I think why I love summer above all other seasons, is the sunshine-drenched opportunity to leave the daily grind, even for an afternoon, and just play.

flower arrangement



red peppers

palm trees

birichino vin gris 2011



What makes summer glorious for you?

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