Summer Garden

Summertime gardens are outstanding!  I’m currently in NYC dreaming of my garden and 70 degree weather — honestly, the temperature is unbearable (though the incredible restaurants are making up for the thick, wet heat).   I snapped a few photos just before I left on my trip to capture what’s currently happening in veggie land.  The year’s hard work is sweetly rewarded with a non-stop conveyor belt of produce. I’m still waiting for my first planting of tomatoes to ripen, but I continue to plant more to ensure a steady stream of those juicy treats all the way into fall.

growing artichoke

Artichoke... um aren't doing very well. Next year I'm going to plant Globe artichokes in their place.

summer radicchio growing in the garden

Summer Radicchio

growing cantaloupe

Cantaloupe...I hope it makes it, it doesn't look so hot.

stalks of corn

Platinum Corn

rows fo strawberries

Sea Scape Strawberries

rows of spinach


tomato plants

Early Girl tomatoes

In addition to my original tomato plants, I added three new varieties this year. At the farmers market these specific plants were recommended  for our coastal area…keeping my fingers crossed.

Coastal tomato varieties

Jaune Flamme

New coastal tomato varieties

Stupice -- reminds of something an Italian grandmother would call a delinquent child

Coastal varieties

Black Krim

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5 thoughts on “Summer Garden”

Gotta have you guys over soon to wander around Cookie’s garden. It’s looking great. Cheers, gonna go get some Pimm’s, Bill

Found your website very helpful – to use the new tips I now have for my garden journal — may I ask please: What is the humidity like in your area of the country?

Thank you much for your time and LOVE the site!

Hi Valerie,
The blueberries in this post look amazing. Do you know the variety? And any tips on growing them in a pot as pictured? Oh and where did you find the pot? I love it!
Thanks so much,

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