Succulent Flowers


Some of the most beautiful flowers thriving in the garden right now are bursting from my succulents. I thought I’d share the unique structure and color of these summer blooms.

pink flowers

succulent flower

succulent flowers

green flower bunch


succulent flowers

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2 thoughts on “Succulent Flowers”

Beautiful pictures! I have a lot of succulents here in Wisconsin, ground cover and different sizes, up to Autumn joy, Nothing bothers them, great fillers and gotta love a plant that comes back after our freezing winters, the backbone of my gardens. I even pinch some when I’m in Calif., and grow them in the house. But this year deer have eaten a few tops of the big ones, but the foliage is still nice. Thanks for your cheerful site!!

Thank you, Helen! It’s great to hear that your succulents do so well in Wisconsin (minus the deer).

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