Top Kitchen Tool: Molcajete

kitchen tool molcajete

Photo by Matt Walla

The Molcajete is the Mexican version of the Mortar and Pestle, and has been used in Mexico and Central America for over 1000 years.  My Molcajete is much newer, it was a wonderful gift from some friends and I love it. It’s made from lava from the Michoacan area of Mexico, and the friction between the rough lava-rock “mortar” and its “pestle” helps break down ingredients so easily.

You can make your salsa, guacamole, hummus, or dressing in the bowl, and then just transfer it right to the table—no serving dish necessary.  It’s gorgeous, versatile, and functional, which makes it an A+ tool in my book.  Plus, let’s be honest, it’s just fun to say. Try it: Molcajete. Now try it again with your eyes at half mast while channeling your inner Salma Hayek…Molcahetteh.

If you don’t feel like climbing a mountain in Michoacan to forge your own molcajete out of lava rock (you know Martha would), you can pick one up at


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