Cutting Pineapple


In Kauai, the bartender at The Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant (if you’re there anytime soon, you really should go there too) taught me a great pineapple prep tip.

Did you know that taking the top off a pineapple is as easy as twisting open my favorite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? I almost spilled my cocktail as I leaned over the bar to watch the bartender prep the pineapples. He held onto the spiky green stem and simply twisted. The top popped off easily, and then he cut the rest from there.

I was totally impressed and thrilled to learn this trick, since I’m one who prides myself on always buying the entire pineapple, then chopping it up. I’ve used this quick method now in making pineapple green juice and my Madison Bikini Party cocktail.

Amazingly, the spiky stem of the pineapple can be used again after it’s removed. If you live someplace warm and tropical (I’m afraid to say, it probably won’t work in Santa Barbara), submerge the top in water for a week, and then place it in really moist soil. In about two years you should have a pineapple to harvest!



cutting pineapple


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3 thoughts on “Cutting Pineapple”

I had the pleasure of being with Val in Hawaii when she twisted the top off of this pineapple. and it really was super easy. Cant wait to try it myself. oh, and head back to a tropical island too.

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