Paradise Pause


This week, I’m traveling with my family throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  After packing up what seems like half of the house (I’m just not a carry-on only girl. My philosophy is find the biggest bag and fill it — after all, that’s why the roller duffle was made, right?!) we took off and headed west for paradise.

The first part of our trip was at our friends’ Hawaiian cattle ranch in Maui. We rode horses, hiked and played in the pool, shedding layers of stress that had accumulated over the first half of the year. Now, we’ve landed on an insanely picturesque spot in Kauai. The house is stocked with a great kitchen, great friends and many happy children. I find myself filled with gratitude as I slip into the warm, sandy, silent water.

And just like that, I’m gifted a welcomed recharge before returning to the real world. But that’s still a few days away… Mahalo and Hallelujah!

kauai shore


maui flora



These hiking shoes are the bomb

beach rainbow


sugar cane

Sugar cane burning

growing roots

And I thought my roots were bad

beach sunset

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