Quick Tip: Cooking Fish

Browsing through one of my beloved cookbooks usually lasts all of three minutes before my phone dings with a text message or a little girl with a loose tooth needs some attention. However, right before our Hawaiian getaway I was able to focus long enough to find this great tip.

Amanda Hesser’s cookbook, The Cook and the Gardener,  is loaded with stories from the garden and helpful guidelines for cooking all sorts of meals.  Something that has really stayed with me as I travel through the islands is a simple note about preparing fish.  I think fish can be one of the most intimidating proteins for a home cook, yet her tip simplifies the process, making fish more approachable.  Hesser says, “Fish is done when cooked 10 minutes per inch of thickness at medium-high heat or 400 in the oven.”

10 minutes per inch of thickness – so simple and official sounding. I love it. Mahalo.

Amanda Hesser book

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One thought on “Quick Tip: Cooking Fish”

Valerie, Mike just got me set up this week on you web site What fun. I’m really enjoying it. Sounds like you are having a great trip.We were there with Mike and Jan one time and it rained the whole time but we still had fun. Hi to AJ Sue

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