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Our vacation to Hawaii was so wonderful, I wanted it to last forever. But how can I complain when I come home to a garden full of show-offs? As soon as the suitcases hit the family room floor (I’m one of those who puts off unpacking because it means that the vacation is officially over), my camera and flip flops found their way out to the garden, trying to capture the outrageous beauty on display. Thanks for the happy homecoming.




Latest edition to my garden: Honey Dijon


Precious dahlia


Classic Woman

Cheyenne dahlia

Sunburst dahlia


Easter Lilies


Yves Piaget


Honey Dew dahlias

summer flowers

Chocolate Cosmos


Golden Celebration

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Home”

Valerie, am so glad you went & had a wonderful time & i am so glad to know you have your flip flops back on. again>> I have taken on this property back yard is huge & front small. But my problem wa si moved in April 13 th. started deciding where i was going to plant what & the grass in both yards were not up to par. front hardly had any in it at all & back wa sinfested with what ever insect you could think of . did not have access to a way of airigating the soil.. SO. when hard at chemicals Bayer applications of granuales to kill a lot of cutowrms, grubs & some i couldn’t even begin to know what kind of insects they were. ,,, i did not plant grass in front , it just seem to come back after i attacked the insects. and one major problem was woodpeckers. have a school yard next to my yard & a lot of pine trees so i started hanging pie pans the throw away ones in every tree & every old CD,. that was scratched , hung these every where. My questa to you..HAVE you ever heard of a product called ( MSMA ) i can get it to kill all weeds so called grass,,Which is what i have in back yard. also. in August not. can i plant my fruit trees or should i wait? also i ahve a severe problem with the vine weed that has a big root on it if u dig it up. and is thorny ..like to run tall & hook onto things. I have been trying to dig & pull thes eup. there is so many. I have acually dug all way down to big ROOT. or ball & then if i could pull it out i would pour poiison it ..poision for weeds ( ROUNDUP ) & Poision IVY spray doesn’t KILL these big rooted thorn growing things.. MY DAYLILLYS i put out from one;s church friends gave me are doing good, running Rose is doing good. Impatients if i cna keep the old crab grass away from them.. these tall growing BIG ball ROOT weeds tho.. yikes. & do i put te red chopped bark around them to help protct the grass from growing back arlound lillys & impatients?? I have notmentioned my grapevines i planted. one is growing good >. other 3 look kinda light in color & seem to struggle. we have had some rain & last month i spent 172 for water bill. Just tell me if this MSMA is alright to put on lawn to kill a lot of different grasses & weeds & do i plant trees now? LIVE IN GA..middle of state DUBLIN GA 31021,,please help. I didn’t get this property till late April so is why.. all yards & property is insect infested & soil needs something. besides insect killer .i do have some centipede growing .just so many different weeds.. AM worried about my grapes to.. just help. and do not know if red wooded chips will help with insects not coming back & just all info i can get. Running verenea looks fair, azaleas that were here are doing better, HELP HELP. WISH i could have soil airrigated, but at age 62 & by myself i just cannot do it. HELP HELP
Rose Hardin

the honey dew dahlias are just gorgeous! i love finding new ideas through what other people grow. always find something new!

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