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I’m so excited to share with you my latest venture: the launch of the Valerie Rice website, featuring my new collection of aprons.

Over ten years ago, I began the hunt for a stylish, sophisticated apron that would protect my clothes, but still look great. My search proved unsuccessful, so I decided to design an apron of my own that would be both stylish and functional.

It was a three year process that began with sketching and sewing the first apron at my kitchen table (and that one, believe me, is best saved for the archives) to this collection debuting today. The aprons are just what I envisioned, but even prettier— they make women look and feel beautiful.

Featuring three styles, these made-in-California aprons are all machine washable and neutral, but stylish enough to go with your favorite little cocktail dress or jeans and a tee. My hope is that when you tie up those apron strings you feel confident and sexy.

Your support of Eat Drink Garden has made this project possible, so thank you. The journey here was filled with many early mornings that morphed into afternoons still in my robe, and I can’t believe this long held dream is now a true, tangible reality. As a small thank you, we’ll be offering free standard shipping on all apron orders placed before midnight, September 23rd. To redeem this offer, just enter the promo code VRSTYLE at checkout.

There are a lot of fun and tasty things coming up on the blog this fall, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.




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3 thoughts on “Aprons With Style”

You know, Valerie, I love your web site, but $99’s for an apron is beyond ridiculous, sorry, I have lots of vintage aprons and can make them myself. I think you are out of touch with most of your fans, and most people can’t afford that price.

Hi Helen,
Thank you for taking time to leave a note on the blog. I always look forward to feedback, both constructive and complimentary. These aprons are made with great care and detail and as you can imagine that doesn’t come cheap in California! It was important to me to create a line that reflected the hard work I put into the blog, so I created three different styles of aprons with three different price points. The cook apron that you were referring to, is costly but there is nothing like it on the market — it’s more like a kitchen frock than an apron. It’s constructed as a dress and the imported linen trim is cut on the bias. It really is special, Helen. You always provide us with great comments and I hope to continue our bond in this world of eating, drinking, and gardening.

Thank you , Valerie, for responding. I was worried that I was too harsh!! I understand the work and time you spent. Much more casual where I live, but we still love to cook. The only other thing, forgive me, is that since I cook with lots of tomato sauce, just worried about washing them often. Ok, thanks again, and I still think you are awesome!!

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