Bites of Honey


I love (love!) honeycomb from our Santa Barbara farmers market. I typically get mine from San Marcos Farms, but sometimes you can find it at the local health food store or Whole Foods. You’ll get the best price at the farmers market— I usually find it for $8.00 for seven ounces.

Honeycomb makes for an easy and special appetizer. Try serving a small square of honeycomb with a bit of creamy blue cheese. Before cutting the honeycomb, you’ll want to it be room temperature to get the right consistency.

If you can’t track down honeycomb, find some local fresh honey.  Another favorite appetizer of mine, is to fancy up small chunks of Parmesan by drizzling some honey over them— totally delectable.

farmers market honey

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One thought on “Bites of Honey”

Ojai Valley Honey (wildflower) is one of my “must buys” when I visit SB! I usually get mine at Lazy Acres…..WOW…have you ANY idea how fortunate you are to have the year round bounty of Santa Barbara produce, seafood , etc. etc? Can I be you for a day? 🙂

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