Jell-O Birthday Cake

jello cake

For my birthday I was gifted this beautiful, artistic creation… which I guess could be described as a cake made of Jell-O. It doesn’t seem to do it justice though, I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around this. I have never seen anything like it— intricately detailed, edible flowers suspended in gelatin.  Today, I don’t have a recipe to share or how-to techniques, although I wish I did. While I have no idea how they managed to make this cake, it was so unique that I had to share. Perhaps Jell-O will be the new art form, blazing a jiggly trail out of the sea of cupcakes and cake pops.

gelatin cake



It was almost too pretty to eat... almost.

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5 thoughts on “Jell-O Birthday Cake”

So, what kind of flowers? And did you have to eat around them? But so beautiful, I especially like the multi-colored one. Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you Helen! Even though it felt too beautiful to eat, we ate the whole cake flowers and all.

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