We Found Love: Carnations

novelty carnation arrangement

Last weekend, we hosted a 70’s themed party.  It was absolutely outrageous – literally the most fun I’ve ever had planning and hosting a party.  So, what flowers do you use for a party of this era? Carnations, of course.

I admit that in the past I’ve completely snubbed these babies, but now I’m a new convert.  For the party I bought bunches of both white and novelty carnations. They’re a super resilient bloom– making for easy, long-lasting arrangements. They have a mild scent that’s a bit spicy, yet fresh and clean, a great price and a gorgeous sculptural quality— how could I not be convinced?

Try to find the carnations labeled “novelty”— they’re pretty, usually two- toned and tend to have a larger heads. Also, be sure to give them a chance to open up for bigger and more beautiful arrangements.

I’m thankful that my night under the disco ball gave me more than just a splitting headache the next day— it took opening a door from the past to bring this bloom into the future.

carnations and greenery


novelty carnations

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