Chemex Coffee Maker


My husband’s been on a tea kick recently so it’s just me drinking coffee and this Chemex Coffee Maker has solidified my devotion to coffee. I’ve never had as good tasting coffee in my entire life, and I feel even better that I’m not wasting grounds by brewing an entire pot just for me. You simply pour boiling water over your grounds, watch them bloom, and what you get it is an incredible cup of coffee.

This pure, back-to-basics method brews without bitterness and is ideal for a small kitchen or solo coffee drinker. I love this beauty, and if you have a foodie or discerning coffee drinker in your life, at less than forty bucks, this little luxury is the perfect gift. Mine was pickup up at Williams Sonoma, but you can also buy it at Dean & Deluca, Sur La Table, Crate & Barrel and Amazon.

chemex coffee maker


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10 thoughts on “Chemex Coffee Maker”

6:00 am….wild! i was just laying in bed, catching up on emails and debating whether to get up and go to Pete’s to buy this very thing right before I read your post. I have been looking for the best cup of coffee that I could make at home. Pete’s made me a chemex cup on Sunday and I agree….the best smoothest yummy cup of coffee I have ever had! Guess my decision is made. Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic…..I have a friend who has been making her coffee like this for the 30 + years that I’ve known her! I’m going to have to get one of these babies for myself!


Funny coincidence, I’m glad Pete’s and I agree. I think this confirms your decision!



I think your friend knows what she’s doing, I hope you can try a cup from one of these for yourself.


My mother-in-law makes a pot of coffee on Sunday and drinks it for several days. I know, yuck. This will be a perfect gift along with some gourmet coffees homemade scones.

Hi Valerie, I had a pot like this years ago. Anyway, wanted to tell you that I made the squash soup with pumpkin and it turned out great. Found the fennel at a local store, $3 a bulb, so I got a big one. I served it with cornbread and red cabbage apple salad, with turkey bacon on top. The true test was my hubby saying it was awesome. I did add some cream cheese to cut the heat a bit. So i will make it again, thanks.

Hi Val,

While Susan is up at 6:00 (I’m feeling the guilt), I am drinking a cup of coffee from a pot made by my husband at 5:30am. It is 11am. How gross is that? I think it is time for me to invest in one of these little gadgets! Thanks for such a fun site. Every post is so informative. Everyone gets an apron for Christmas.
Big hug, miss you!

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