Fall Garden

fig tree

Fig tree

Since it’s my husband’s birthday, this will be short on words but long on photos. My garden isn’t as crazy as it was a few months ago, but it’s still flourishing. A quick fifteen minutes outside with my camera revealed the shift into the new season. Whoever said it doesn’t look like fall in California?


Boston ivy

fall dahlia


garden gourd


flowering strawberry tree


garden roses

Garden roses

bunching onions

Bunching onions



cherry tomatoes

We still have tomatoes

pink camellia

Pink Camellia


My pineapple guavas aren't doing too well this year

red alstromeria



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5 thoughts on “Fall Garden”

omg. small in size. like heral plants ..lavender being my favorite, i am having to move into a very small apt. so now more gardening for me. i LOVE mtiny one bedroom apt. guess window seal will work.. i am want to keep it ify growing things. Will be in small town of Statesboro GA. so.. am thinking of small flowers, lavender is my favorite plant & rosemary, obviously to cook with & i just love to run my fingers across it to just have smell on me & inside wat will be my very small window seal. is it possible to do this. ? trying to cut down on clutter effect to. moving from very large keep everything farm house & rooms & large yard down to very small time. but these plants & smells & just loving them being me piece. guess small containers, in window seal,, any suggestions. i like unusally looking planters, or plant holders they will actually grow within
any suggestion designs or pages i may order at would be graeful
loves your pgaes & info.. Hate having to reduce down. but. at a age & now since hubby passed, is a need i have to do
thanks ( ROSE HARDIN ) starroseone@live.com

So nice to see a fall garden in California. I guess plants know the seasons, cuz it has been hot in Cali. We have had small freezes, so picking everything, but still tomatoes with tops frozen. But picked everything today, sposed to be 27 tonight. Moving plants into basement. Last swiss chard, did you do a piece on Swiss chard,? awesome. doesn’t go to seed like spinach and good to freeze. Ok, thanks. Helen


Twenty seven degrees is way too cold for me, but I’m happy to hear that you and your plants are adjusting to the temperature change. Glad to know you like Swiss chard as much as I do.


Gorgeous. I think those Pineapple thingies look kinda cool. BTW your aprons are the prettiest I have ever seen!!


Thank you very much! The pineapple guavas are delicious and I like to make sorbet with them– if you see any at your local farmers market, you should try them.


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