Oh, Screw It

screw top bottle

The perception that screw tops are relegated to mass-produced, cheap, bottom-shelf products does not help things. But more and more quality wines are going the way of the screw top, and I for one, am thrilled.

I have as strong a Pavlovian response to that cork pop as the next girl, but over the years we’ve dumped out enough corked wine to drown a rhino.

Corked wine creates the following lovely issues:

  • Wine will lose its fruitiness and taste off
  • Wine will taste mildewy (kind of like a mix between wet dog and damp, rank cardboard — sexy, right?)
  • Wine will smell tainted, becoming increasingly stinky as you sip

screw top wine

Corked wine is precisely why they offer you the first taste at restaurants.

Nowadays, many of our “house wines” are chosen specifically because they are screw top. When five o’clock comes, mama needs her juice. Pronto. Another bonus is that wine keeps better overnight because it seals tighter with a screw top.

Bottom line: No matter how it gets there, good wine in your glass is the end goal.

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