Fall Drink: ROOT, an Authentic American Liqueur

liqueur and glass

Since discovering ROOT liqueur on a trip to NYC it’s been a mainstay in our bar. It’s made by a fascinating company, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, out of Philadelphia. So why the permanent spot on our bar cart?

Well, ROOT tastes like spiked root beer — it’s a sarsaparilla concoction that you can imagine sipping neat on a cold fall night, snuggled up around the fire. It has a warm taste (and kick) that’s perfect for cozy sweater days while conjuring up a holiday vibe with its merging of childhood and grown-up tastes. The bottle comes with a little brochure full of all sorts of recipes—from a ROOT beer float, to ROOT cider—but after a night with friends trying out all sorts of combos we all agreed that we like it best simply over ice. Cheers!

liqueur bottle

ROOT liqueur

How cool is this bottle?

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