Have Clippers, Will Decorate

Christmas decor

With the loss of my father-in-law last week, I’m feeling a little behind heading out of Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season. As we process our grief I have busied myself with projects around the house. Oh, the therapy of good, hard, busy, creative work!

Moving into a new house has forced me to re-think holiday decorating and get creative in this different space, holding onto some old favorites while incorporating new ideas. Like most of us, I had fallen into default mode with our Christmas décor: tree in the same spot and garland on the mantle, I would deck the halls on autopilot.  Our new house is older with lots of small rooms, and I’m excited for the challenge of bringing a touch of the season into each space.

Christmas decor

This season, more than ever, my vision is to take a natural approach; lots of fresh greenery and plants, most of which I’ve pillaged from my own backyard. I’m not the crafty type of home decorator (no offense to the glue gun), but I rather take my clippers to the trees outside. In addition, I’ve been scoping out what’s available at nurseries and home stores to supplement what I have at home. Speaking of home, it’s been like an early Christmas for me to re-discover all my vases, baskets and candles after the move–ten years of stashing things in the attic adds up to quite the treasure hunt.

My plan is to use a mix of small evergreen trees, succulents, tillandsias (air plants) and candles in groupings throughout the house. I love combining different types of seasonal greens- they smell great and last a long time in a vase or pot. I’m not sure yet how it’s all going to turn out, but it’s been an energizing, therapeutic way to greet the season.

Christmas decor

Christmas decor

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3 thoughts on “Have Clippers, Will Decorate”

Each day Valerie, you come up onto my computer screen with your recipes and ideas. I am diabetic and find the simplicity of your creations appealing, on the table and now in the plantings. I understand about grief as I just survived, once again, the 4th anniversary of my husband’s death. Music, my sun and shade areas and cooking for myself and others has been my balm, plus an established church family of 40 plus years, loving friends and families. Blessings to you and your family as you go through this most difficult time. Thank you for your sharings.

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