December Birthday, Embrace It


It’s officially December which means I feel like a spinning top—are you with me? The holiday season is in full force, and in our family we have the added bonus of a December birthday. My oldest daughter’s birthday is smack in the middle of this season of snowflakes, mistletoe and celebration overdrive. My little tidbit of advice: don’t fight the season, embrace it. Adults have a line-up of holiday parties on their social schedule so have fun and host a kids’ birthday bash that seizes the season.

Side note: did you notice that your house is already decorated?

Birthday cake: She asked for a reindeer cake, so that’s what mama gave her.


This was my attempt at a reindeer

Hot chocolate sticks: Swirl one of these little guys in a mug of warm milk for easy hot cocoa.

hot chocolate sticks

Gingerbread houses: I like to hot-glue gun the houses together pre-party; it let’s the focus be on the fun, decorate-with-candy (and sneak a couple gum drops) part.


For mess-free frosting, close off the frosting bag with a rubber band

gingerbread decorating

TBD... to be decorated

Christmas drink: Something fun, like the Merchant of Venice for the adults and the Virgin of Venice for the kids.

Christmas drink

Happy birthday to my best Christmas present…ever!

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