January: Pick Now!

santa barbara famers market

Photo by Evan Janke

Just by picking one of the star ingredients of each season (and stepping away from those winter tomatoes and summer broccoli) you can transform your meals from boring to fresh, delicious, and beautiful.

I’m excited to introduce the first month of the Pick Now calendar, where I’ll show you what’s at the peak of ripeness so you can pick the best produce at the best time.

Using Pick Now, you’ll be able to match what’s in season with my favorite Pick, Mix, Serve recipes, making it simple to shop, cook, and eat your way through the seasons.

With a little knowledge about what to look for when, you can pick the best seasonal finds at the farmers market, online, or at your local grocery store. It’s really that simple to breakout of mealtime monotony and prepare fresh, flavorful food.

There’s a year of great tastes waiting. Month-by-month, I’ll share the best with you.

There’s a couple of ways to use the calendar.

First, click anywhere on the January map above to view a full size version. You’ll be able to click-thru to multiple recipes featuring seasonal produce. As we continue on through the year, I’m excited to keep adding to the library of resources.

Second, there’s a pretty printable version that you can put up on your fridge or help guide you through the grocery store or farmers market. Everything may not be in season in your particular locale, but my hope is that you’ll be enticed to seek out great, in-season produce and perhaps try something new.

Click to Download a Printable PDF of the Calendar

Here’s to a year a living life deliciously!

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3 thoughts on “January: Pick Now!”

Your Goddaughter just had a field trip at the fabulous new Whole Foods in Fashion Island Monday of this week..so when we we shopping there last night I said, “will you pick me a fruit and a vegetable for dinner, tonight?” She replied, “yes, mommy, I think we should pick something in season,” and rushed over to the Cara Cara naval oranges..not sure if the jicama she picked out was in season too, but both were delicious. What a great idea!


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