Rainbow Party

painting a rainbow

Since she could talk, when you asked my daughter her favorite color she would reply, “rainbow.”  Now a big girl of seven she knows that rainbow doesn’t technically qualify as a color and will quickly follow-up with “yellow.” I think she loves the image of all of the colors coming together.

flowers rainbow

It was no surprise when she chose rainbows as the theme for her recent birthday party. Rainbows really are so magical, inspiring and well, primary. I found it easy to pull this small slumber party together on a whim— which was so nice, am I the only one over the over-the-top kid birthdays? Some fresh boxes of paint, some balloons, a good dig into my linen drawer and a stop at the local nursery and just like that, a little bit of birthday magic.

rainbow balloons

rainbow veggies

paint supplies

paint set-up

rainbow table

Happy Birthday, my little one. Keep chasing those rainbows.

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Party”

Great party, Kids love veggies, rainbows and paints, gotta keep them busy!! and, if you include them, they can tell you how to grow those veggies! Nice post, thanks, Helen

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