Small Cymbidium Arrangements

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Right now, cymbidium orchids are at the farmers market and grocery stores, usually running about $10 a spray. I’m going to share a quick way to use a single spray of blooms to create a cluster of small arrangements. You won’t believe how easy it is and how beautiful they look.

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4 thoughts on “Small Cymbidium Arrangements”

Hi Valerie, First, thank you for sending the apron, it is very classy, and linen was a surprise, very well made. And very nice packaging. Love these orchids, have not seen them near me, probably at Traders Joe’s in Madison. But I have four amaryllis blooming now, so I have some flowers in February. Thanks again.


What a great idea. I love orchids have have two cymbidiums with flower spikes ready to open. Usually I just bring the plants indoors when they bloom, but only one area is livened up. I love the idea of making multiple arrangements.

Thank you for your generosity with you ideas!

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